Grace Rosario Perkins
Oakland CA

Also a member of Black Salt Collective.

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Braids n jordan

Feelings Capsule

photo by CA Greenlee

i’ve begun to realize more and more that i want to create the content i want to read. SO! i’m starting an online mag/blog with interviews/conversations between myself and friends and friends with friends. focus on art/music by people of color but open to interviews otherwise if they seem fit (outside of conventional art norms). ideally i want to talk to my friend lonnie holley when he comes back to visit (have i told you about how much he has changed my process? well, i’ll certainly write about it), will feature adee roberson on her new upcoming music project. will interview bonnie grossman on the gallery run out of her house featuring her collection of self taught and outsider art (featuring notably a.g. rizzoli, alex maldonado, and dwight mackintosh). i have other names up my sleeve but this is the beginning.

so what i’m asking is if U WANT IN and might want to be interviewed, have a name for me to look further into, etc? Launch date won’t be for a sec, but I want to have postings on a rolling basis with something new every couple of weeks.

Feelings capsule. 

Running on The Default Network
by Boyce